How do I get an application?
Applications are available ONLINE ONLY the day after Labor Day beginning at 8:00 am. We do not acknowledge email or phone requests.

When can I tour the school?
Virtual school tours are given once an application has been submitted and completed. You must call the school after September 25th to schedule your tour.  

How do I schedule a child visit?
This year we will be asking parents to send a short, current video clip of their child (3-5 minutes) in lieu of an in-person visit.  You are welcome to combine multiple shorter videos into one submission.  These clips should be representative of your child and his or her interests. 

What age can my child start preschool?
The youngest age that the preschool offers enrollment is 2 years for the Twos class.

Does my child have to be potty trained to start school?
Our Three and Four year old students do need to be toilet trained by September of the year they start.

How is separation handled?
In the Twos, it is a gentle process. The class schedule is abbreviated while the children get comfortable in their new environment. Parents are encouraged to take the child's lead until separation is complete. Each child separates differently, so we encourage flexibility.

The Threes have a shortened first day and then a full schedule begins.

Following Four's/Pre-K, what schools do the students attend?
Our students attend some of the finest private schools in the city. Please visit our page, Next Steps, to see a complete list. Also, many of our students attend the Board of Education Gifted and Talented (G&T) programs, CUNY Hunter College G&T program, as well as neighborhood schools.

Is Financial Aid available?
Yes. The financial aid program is need-based and must be applied for each year.