At York Avenue Preschool, we believe a child's learning and growth flourish from unique interactions with peers and caring adults, a rich curriculum augmented by children and a stimulating physical facility.  Enjoyment through active participation is paramount to our program.

In early childhood education, I believe that communication is our most important tool. We learn about each other through communication and dialogue. We also learn to solve problems, heal hurt feelings and move forward. It is our unique pleasure to be entrusted with this amazing task.

We work hard directing the halls of York Avenue Preschool. Our teachers actively engage our learners in new developmentally accurate learning experiences. This creates an environment that encourages curiosity, problem-solving, creativity and self-esteem growth.  Our specialists provide cross curriculum collaboration for both students and teachers. The nurturing excitement of our dedicated staff is visible everywhere. With an eye towards the ongoing school process, our children are well prepared for their future education.

I have high expectations of our staff and work cooperatively with everyone to create a strong community for our new families as well as our returning ones. The children's success is our greatest reward.


Best regards,

Jean Monaco

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